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Past Issues: Diggle Green
Please see LENDF’s minutes of September 9th 2013 for report on Mr Broster’s attendance at that meeting.

Below are the contact details supplied by Warrington Borough Council for reporting incidents of odours/smells and/or tractor/trailer/waggon activities if inappropriate, i.e. speeding.

For suspected odours from Diggle Green Activities
Environment Agency      0800 807060

For odours from unknown sources in Warrington
Mr Harry Hayes   01925 443526     hhayes@warrington.gov.uk

For odours from unknown sources in Wigan
Mr Colin Evans    01942 489357     c.evans2@wigan.gov.uk
For planning enforcement queries
Mr Dan Matthewman  01925442822    dmatthewman@warrington.gov.uk

5th November 2013 - Letter to Andy Burnham

23rd October 2013 - Update from Environment Agency

4th October 2013 - Ray Poulton’s letter to Mr Hayes, Warrington Council

14th October 2013 - A resident's comments on Enforcement Delegated Report WBC


This is a 24/7 line.  Please note you will not get a call-back as follow ups are now being issued via updates

(see links below)

18th January 2014 - Environment Agency Update

10th March 2014 - Environment Agency Update

March 2015 - Planning Application Submitted to Warrington Borough Council by A Broster Ltd,

Diggle Green Farm, Wilton Lane

Application Number: 2015/25283

Full Planning - Proposed importation of organic waste for open windrow composting involving an increase in throughput to a maximum of 75,000 tonnes per annum, an increase in the waste catchment area, reduction in working hours, and reduction in operating hours to those permitted under planning permission 2011/17821.

2nd March 2015 - Warrington BC’s letter to LENDF - Notification of Application

Warrington’s Enforcement Officer’s Recommended (Draft) Conditions

24th February 2016 - Warrington BC’s Letter to LENDF - Notification of Appeal

September 2016 - Letter to Residents from Environment Agency