the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
Welcome to the webpage for the Harry Heafield Lodge (Number 10681) of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB).   The RAOB is commonly referred to as the Buffs Club.
The Harry Heafield Lodge, Lowton, was established in November 2010 and since then has been raising money to help local charitable causes in the name of Buffaloism.
We are a fraternal benevolent organisation which aims to help those in need starting at local, community level. Membership is open to any male aged 18 years or older and who wishes to help local causes in the name of philanthropy.
Our meetings take place every Sunday at 7.30 pm in Lowton Social Club as part of the Warrington and District Province. Are you interested in the welfare of your community? Are you willing to give a little of your time to help? Do you and your family want to make new friends, great social activity and a wonderful support network for you and yours?  Visitors and new members are always welcome so please pop in one night and have a chat with a Buffalo !
Current memberships are renewable each January. New members can join at any time.
If wish to join the Buffs Club, or would just like more information, then please contact:
Dennis Hammond on 07403 151545
Or email your enquiry to
The Harry Heafield Lodge 10681 has been open just over 18 months and in this time we have held fundraising events which have donated:
£280     to Lowton J&I School to reward the pupils improving their academic and social skills
£130     to the Warrington & District P.G.P. Appeal
£100     to Radio Warrington Community Radio who promoted the opening of the lodge
£100     to a Night Shelter who looked after the homeless through Christmas and New Year
£1,100  to Help for Heroes
£520     to local causes (too many to mention)
£275     to Christies
£50       each to the daughter and friend of a brother of the lodge so that they could buy some games for their I-pods (they are both autistic)
£100     to the club where we have our meetings so that they could buy a new T.V. (We don’t pay for the room we use)
£300     to St Mary’s Primary School to help them raise funds towards a new playing surface
£200     to the grandson of the late Harry Heafield who went to Tanzania to work in a hospital and found out that the staff there had to pay for their Hepatitis B immunizations, which they could not afford and if they caught the disease they would be out of work, so he donated £200 to buy the injections.

In summary, a total of £2,705 has been donated by the lodge.
The RAOB, under the Grand Lodge of England, has been in the community since 1822.
History has shown that the organisation has taken on several guises. For example, during the First World War it provided ambulances and crews to the front line. It also took on running of orphanages and convalescent homes. Since then the order has continually been active in the support of local organisations through charitable donations and pro-active fundraising for such local causes.