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Past Issues: Neighbourhood Planning Group
LENDF have applied to Wigan Council to be recognised as an organisation which can produce a Neighbourhood Plan.
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Sample of a Plan:
Both Chairmen from LENDF and LHSRG, together with Cllr Grundy, attended a meeting with Wigan Planners on 5th June.  

The Council is willing to consider a Neighbourhood Plan for the area but stressed that it would take time to put into place.  Also it would have to include Golborne and Lowton West. This would mean that the current situation with housing in Lowton East could not be influenced.  The Council want to work with LENDF informally and will bring to our attention any future developments that they become aware of, in order to give the community an opportunity provide input.

The Council asked LENDF to provide a ‘Wish List’ of mitigation measures so that the best options for the local community can be gained and reduce the impact of any development.  LENDF will also create a ‘Plan of Action’ which will be presented to the Council.

25% of Section 106 monies can be used for community projects, infrastructure improvements, schools, protecting and enhancing open spaces, etc.

A question was put to those present at the LENDF monthly meeting held 10th June: Do you agree to LENDF working with the Council?  The response was ‘yes’.