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Past Issues: Kenyon Airfield
May 2011 - KHF Report
30 June 2012 - Air Crash
3 October 2011 - Cliff Mort, Lancashire Aero Club invited to LENDF’s meeting to discuss the Club’s Proposals.  
(The ‘attachment’ mentioned is the May 2011 KHF Report)    Link available below.
You Tube Videos:
10 May 2013 - Report submitted to Secretary of State by Stephen Billington   KHF Airfield Railway & Motorway Document
Application Reference No:A/16/81895  (Major Application)
Click on the link above, tick the ‘Accept’ box.  Then enter the application number and click search.
You will then need to click the application number in order to see the full list of documents.

Location Plan of site

Plans showing detail of proposed highway access to carpark (11 cars) and control room.

7 June 2014 - LENDF’s Objection Letter to Application A/14/79296

2014 - The Applicant withdrew  the application.

26th January 2016 - New Application received by Wigan Council  

Proforma Comments/Objection Letter for use by Lowton residents

4th March 2016 - LENDF’s letter of Objection