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Hesketh Meadow Action Group (HMAG)

A selection of historical documents

May 2010 The history of Hesketh Meadow Action Group and the Public Inquiry

August 2010  We were really sorry to hear that Halliwells Solictors, who helped present our case, was taken over by rivals in July. We wish RACHEL WATKIN, a really able solicitor who gave so much of her time to us for free, good luck in the future.          (No link here, just this statement)

Apr 2010 Breakdown of objections to the new school

Sept 2010 Hesketh Meadow Action Group acknowledgements and thanks

July 2010 The official Public Inquiry report. We lost the battle, but not the war

Feb 2010 A resident’s full letter of opposition

Mar 2010 Residents donate over £5,000 to fight monster school plan

Jan 2010 Traffic Report 01 - impact on Lowton

Jan 2010 Traffic Report 02 - impact on Lowton

Jan 2010 Traffic Report 03 - impact on Lowton

Nov 2010 Notifying Council we want to be the Big Society representative group for Lowton East

Feb 2011 HMAG new name - Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum (LENDF)

Feb 2011 Reply from Andy Burnham MP re: HMAG is now LENDF

Autumn 2009 Letter of opposition in Borough Life magazine

Nov 2009 Wigan claimed pupil numbers were falling in Lowton, but in Nov 2009…

July 2009 Resident’s letter to Cabinet member

Nov 2009  Council take 6 months to reply to our questions

Aug 2009 “Plan to block Lowton super school” - Leigh Reporter

June 2009 Letter of opposition to the Wigan document

May 2009 Wigan’s brochure, “Schools for the Future - our vision for education in Wigan”