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Fw: Safety Document relating to KHF Airfield

STEPHEN BILLINGTON <> Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:09 AM
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Subject: Safety Document relating to KHF Airfield
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Date: Friday, 23 November, 2012, 9:06

Graham Dickman,
Development Control Manager, Wigan Council
Copy To:
(1) Emma Breheny
Planning Department, Wigan Council
(2) James Grundy
Councillor, Lowton East
RE: Safety Document for Network Rail (KASDU)
Dear Mr Dickman,
The attached document has been primarily constructed for the benefit of Network rail.
It is my understanding that the operators of KHF Airfield aim to develop this 'farmers field' into a more established aerodrome with more annual movements.
This is why this document is copied to Wigan Council.
There are about 35-40 known local residents who are concerned about the development of KHF Airfield.
The operators of KHF Airfield have chosen not to respond to over 40 safety concerns, related to flying activities.
These concerns were primarily generated, as a result of the aircraft crash at KHF on 30 June this year.
The Air Accident Investigation Branch determined that this aircraft crash was due to a 'Loss of Control' of the Aircraft.
Network Rail and the Highways Agency were consulted when nearby Rixton Airfield requested Planning permission for more aircraft movements.
I understand that the operators of Rixton Airfield (almost a carbon copy of KHF Airfield a few miles away) assured Network Rail, that no aircraft would fly over the nearby Railway.
The twin track 'Northern'  Railway is twice as close to the Runway at KHF than the Railway at Rixton.
Yours sincerely
Stephen Billington
Ashcroft Airfield, Winsford Road, Winsford CW7 4DQ
23 November 2012

Safety Document for Network Rail (KASDU).pdf